The 100 Best Android Apps for 2021

Apps for Android or iOS devices are literally at your fingertips and you can access almost anything you want using these applications. Whether it’s shopping online, communicating with friends and loved ones, or making payments, you can use the right kind of apps to get your work done seamlessly. The Google Play Store features an overwhelming number of Android apps making it rather difficult for the user to choose from amongst these. The apps can be subdivided into various categories like productivity, music, security, utilities, etc. There are even apps that allow you to track your boyfriend’s phone. Anyhow, choosing the best app really depends on your specific needs and preferences.

  • DuckDuckGo: This minimalistic browser will make sure your online activities stay completely private. It provides the highest level of encryption for any website that you visit and you are free to clear your browsing history with a simple button tap. So, if you feel bothered by ads and trackers and wish to exercise your freedom while browsing, feel free to download this browser app.
  • Facebook: This is unarguably the biggest social networking platform today which has a functional app. You can stay in touch with your family and friend, instant chat with people on the Messenger, and stay informed with instant notifications. Besides sharing news and articles, users can also post content relating to shopping, music, or videos.
  • YouTube: The app is intuitive and sleek in design, allowing you to access this vide-sharing site with taps of your finger. If you have subscribed to the YouTube Premium content, you can enjoy access to all premium content, and other exciting features like audio playback even when the screen may be off. For entertainment and educational purposes, YouTube is an excellent Android app that you should have on your smartphone.
  • Google Translate: This is perfect when you must travel to places where you do not know the native language or must interact with someone who doesn’t know your language. People usually have a fear of communication when they land up in foreign countries during their travels. With Google Translate, you no longer have to worry about this, or finding an interpreter for your work. You can use this app which will translate your spoken works or written text at once. The app can even speak or communicate in your behalf, and input text through handwriting or camera. The Google Translate App is capable of translating 103 languages. Microsoft Translator is another useful option offering 60 offline languages, real-time conversation ode, travel phrasebooks, etc.
  • LinkedIn: Almost everyone is familiar with this service, especially when you have been looking to change work or find new work after graduation. The app supplements the LinkedIn web page; the profile page displays your resume and work experiences, the networking tools are super-useful and the newly-introduced visitor metrics make it more effective. The news feed gives it the feel of a social networking platform, like the Facebook or Twitter.
  • Google Home: For those spending a lot of time inside their homes, you can use the Google Home which will work as your digital assistant. You can use this extraordinary device to control a wide range of smart home devices. it works like the command-central for all native Google devices as well as Google accounts like contacts calendars, and maps.
  • Netflix: Netflix has heralded a new wave of video streaming that has taken the world by storm. Its impressive selection of movies, documentaries, and web series will keep viewers glued to the screen. Whether its old favorites or new releases, Netflix produces exclusive content.

Besides these popular Android apps, there are many others including, Snapchat, Signal, WhatsApp, Untappd, Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Spotify, öl profit software and Flickr, etc that fall in the list of 100 best Android apps for 2021.