In this article we will tell you how to install iOS GM Seed on iPhone or iPad.

iOS GM seed or iOS Golden Master seed allows you to submit your apps to App Store before the official release date. Golden master is a stage in which the software is in its full and final development stage and is ready to be delivered to the customer or to be published commercially.

Installing a GM Seed is not that hard, so we will describe all the steps here.

How to install iOS GM Seed

You have to be a registered Apple Developer to install iOS GM Seed. If you are not , you will not be able to do this.

1. Firstly go to a Downloads Section at Apple Developer portal:
2. Find a GM Seed for the latest iOS verson that you want to install on your iPhone or iPad.

For this example let’s say we want to install iOS 11 GM Seed:

3.  Find and download a Restore image for your device (for iPhone or iPad that you want to install iOS GM on) (save .ipsw file on your Mac).

For this example let’s say we use iPhone 5s and want to install iOS 11 GM Seed on it, so we need to download iPhone SE, iPhone 5s Restore image.

iOS Restore image
4. Plug in your iPhone or iPad (device) to your Mac with a good working cable.
5. Open iTunes on your Mac (make sure that iTunes it is up to date).
6. Select iOS device in iTunes and Manually Back Up your device.
7. With device selected, hold the Option (alt) key down and click on the “Check for Update” button in iTunes.
8. Select the restore image (.ipsw file) that you have downloaded previously (Chek that the .ipsw file is for your device currently connected to your mac), and after that click “Open” to install it.
9. Wait, iTunes will extract and start installing the new iOS on your device connected to your Mac and follow the commands on the Mac screen. Your Device can reboot while the installation process. !!! Don’t disconnect your cable while installing.

How to install iOS GM Seed on iPhone or iPad

10. Activate and configure your device on the new iOS GM version after installation complete.